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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
  Gift for Possibility to the aftermath of the Tsunami in Asia.
While not everyone has been accounted for, the Landmark Graduates communities in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, and Japan escaped the devastation of the tsunami in Asia. We are shocked, grief stricken, and some of us are still waiting for news from missing loved ones. You can find information about how to contribute to the relief effort of your choice at Tsunami Help, The Thai Ministry Coordinating Center, FEMA, Network for Good or the Red Cross.

From Bangkok, the participants of the Introduction Leaders Program in Thailand and Martina and Harry, are at this moment working with the relief effort in Phuket Island and other affected areas in Thailand. In the face of disaster, we contribute, practice, and are grateful for the powerful conversation from the Landmark Forum that allows us to effectively come to term with this reality.

To the Landmark Graduates in the United Stated we ask your generosity to contribute what will make a difference in the long term to the quality of our lives. Give someone a Gift for Possibility and/or contact our Landmark Forum Graduates in Asia to give this gift and other contributions that empowers you. In the face of disaster we cause the presence of what is possible and wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
Han....Is your family and friends and landmark community ok? My heart and blessings and love go out to all life in South East Asia and Africa. Bless you.
Paolo, Toronto.
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