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Saturday, January 07, 2006
Katrina Relief Effort Acknowledges Landmark's Education

Many people have asked Dave and Anne Petersons and their partners, Chuck and Marilyn Sutherland, what possessed them to take on such a daunting project in the first place, and moreover, how they were able to offer such a diverse array of services and manage them so effectively.

Dave Peterson points to one of the basic distinctions they have all been exposed to in Landmark Education's courses: commitment. "When you make a promise, when you commit to something, you're creating a future that wouldn't otherwise have happened," says Dave. In Landmark, you get trained in powerfully taking actions that are an expression of your commitments. It used to be that I'd have a great idea, but then get stopped by not knowing how to do it, or having thoughts about not being big enough or prepared enough ... but in these programs I developed some muscle in having my word carry the day."

Anne agrees. She explains that all four hotel owners are graduates of the Self-Expression and Leadership Program, a Landmark course in which participants develop projects designed to contribute to their communities, and which has resulted in more than 30,000 such projects worldwide. "Little of this would have been possible without our Landmark training," Anne says, "That training enabled us to be present in the moment to look for what was needed and to find a way to provide it. As you can imagine, there were thousands of moments where we easily could have been overwhelmed by the scope of this thing."

The story above was the excerpt from an article in which Landmark's Education was acknowledged for what the local CBS affiliate described it as "the best-organized Katrina relief organization in Dallas."

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